Dota 2 Battle Pass seems to be closer and closer as Valve started to frequently update the game's test client, which is the testing environment for the new patches. It doesn't necessarily mean that the update is right behind the corner, but it sure proves the work is in progress.

The update was posted on SteamDB website which tracks all the changes to Steam games, including hidden testing builds. Dota 2 fans expect the patch to drop soon, as Valve previously promised to release the new Battle Pass before the year is over.

 Dota 2 test build got several updates fans expect a huge patch to drop soon

Another reason for the update would be that the winter holidays arriving soon. Valve used to update the game with special events to celebrate Christmas, so waiting for the new patch next Tuesday could be logical enough. The new patch is rumoured to include updated models of heroes, precisely Mirana and Drow Ranger Arcana item.