The biggest annual Dota 2 tournament, featuring top 20 teams from all over the world steps in Singapore this year. The International 2022 once again provides the competing teams with 1.6 million USD prize pool and the rest is crowdfunded throughout the Battle Pass stages made available for this specific event. Let's see what the pool looks like now, after we're nearly done with Last Chance Qualifiers.

First of all, Valve announced that the 1/4 shares from the battle pass will be applied to the total prize pool. The number now surpasses 13,578,700 USD. There is still enough time till November 2, which is when the funding will be stopped by the organizer. The second phase of the battle pass will start from November 3.

Last year the prize pool had a record-breaking number: over 40 million USD. This was phenomenal as the winner team Spirit took home 18 million out of it. The same huge numbers will hardly be achieved this year, but the  everything over 15 million is still a highly rewarding bonus.

TI 11 takes place in Suntec Singapore, Singapore, with 20 participating teams in a 15-day clash, starting October 15th and ending October 30th, 2022.