Dota OGA Pit takes us into yet another match between OG vs Team Liquid. It is planned for December 17, 20:00 UTC.

Once again, both teams approach this game in their top form, so even the smallest things may change the ourcome of this match. OG still rely on their energetic youngsters and will try to set new heights with fresh faces. Liquid, on the other hand, already know how to deal with this team after winning against OG on December 7 with a score of 2:1..

Betting Odds: OG vs Team Liquid

It's hard to pick a favorite for this EUW derby, but in general, analysts mostly believe in Team Liquids' success. Thus, here are the odds:

  • Winner: Liquid — 1.86.
  • Winner: OG — 1.90.
  • Map Total: >2.5 — 1.89.

OG roster

  • Yuragi;
  • Bzm;
  • ATF;
  • Taiga;
  • Misha.

Team Liquid roster

  • miCKe;
  • Zai;
  • iNSaNiA;
  • boxi.