Spring update for Dota 2 Plus is here right on time with March 2022. A week ago Valve released the regular patch, adding new neutral creeps and a new hero Primal Beast. Let's see what's in the treasure for Dota 2 Plus subscribers.

This patch comes with Assistant options — Rune Spawn Indicator and Neutral Item Upgrade Hints are the part of the patch. Seasonal treasure is also here, with cosmetic sets for:

  • Axe.
  • Omniknight.
  • Lion.
  • Anti-Mage.
  • Grimstroke.
  • Kunkka.
  • Death Prophet.

An extra rare courier is also added to the update: Leafy the Seadragon. Additionally, there are Guild Reward sets for Silver, Gold and Platinum ranks. Those include emoticons, sprays and chat wheels.

Guild TierRewards
SilverEmoticon – rapier    
Emoticon – spin
Emoticon – whoahahah   
GoldSpray – Legion Commander Winner
Spray – Mireska Wow
Spray – Tidehunter Thumbs Up   
PlatinumChat Wheel – “There is nothing that can stop this man!”
Chat Wheel – “А ну-ка иди-ка сюда. А вот все. Все.”
Chat Wheel – “再见了宝贝儿!”