After Dota 2 esports community learned about Chinese teams not being able to join Stockholm Major 2022 participants, Valve decided that they'll play regional finals in China instead, with a prize pool of $100,000. The country is in a strict lockdown due to the ongoing pandemic effects, but the players are all healthy and ready to compete for the prize cash and DPC points. Here we cover today's Aster vs Xtreme encounter's pre-match stats, concluding with some betting tips.

Xtreme Gaming had a 4 win / 2 lose result prior to the regional finals of DPC. Lately they've lost to PSG.LGD, while defeating their current opponents in a clean victory. Xtreme Gaming presented the following roster for today's match:

  • Pyw;
  • Dy;
  • lou;
  • Paparazi灬;
  • old eLeVeN.

Team Aster had 4 wins and 2 losses coming to the regional finals as well. They have lost their stability, and now they close down a top-performing opponent like PSG.LGD one day, while fall to the same Xtreme Gaming in the other day. Aster compete with the following lineup today:Β 

  • Monet;
  • BoBoKa;
  • Xxs;
  • Ori;
  • Fantasy.

Xtreme vs Team Aster betting tips

Analysts have made their choices. The competition will be tough, but all the predictions mostly built around Xtreme Gaming's victory. Regional finals are the most important competition at this stage for the teams and both are expected to put up a cautious play, with lengthy maps. The odds are presented below:

  • Xtreme win β€” 1.74;
  • Team Aster win β€” 2.04;
  • Map total >2β€€5 β€” 1.93;
  • Map total <2β€€5 β€” 1β€€81β€€