DPC China Tour 2 proceeds on March 15, with the next pair facing each other in the names of Phoenix Gaming and Invictus Gaming. Pre-match stats and betting tips are here for you to explore.

Phoenix Gaming had only 1 victory out of 6 encounters in their recent run. Thankfully, this single win happened in the DPC, but they are still among the outsiders of the season. The thing is, the same goes for their opponent. Phoenix were better than ShenZhen and IG when competing last month. Phoenix play with the following members in the lineup:

  • CDR;
  • Shining;
  • Lww;
  • zone-;
  • Yp.

Invictus Gaming had 4 wins in the last 10 matches. However, only 2 of them happened in the DPC. The team look fine in the DPC for now, but still, they are nowhere near their best form. This means that currently IG are only able to defeat weaker teams than themselves. Thankfully for them, Phoenix seem exactly like that. Here is IG's roster for the match:

  • JT-;
  • flyfly;
  • Emo;
  • Oli~;
  • Fade.

Phoenix Gaming vs IG betting tips

Phoenix are surely the underdogs. Bookmakers have made their picks and they hardly ever believe in the success of Phoenix. The odds speak for themselves:

  • IG win β€” 1.06;
  • Phoenix win β€” 8.42;
  • Map total > 2.5 β€” 3.26;
  • Map total < 2..5 β€” 1β€€31β€€