DPC China Division 2 features the clash of Phoenix Gaming against Aster.Aries. We've covered pre-match stats and experts' predictions on the outcome.

Aries had 3 wins out of 4 possible in this DPC season. They are currently the second team in the league, losing in points only to Dandelion Esport Club who had 1 game more to play. Aster.Aries are competing with the following lineup:

  • Ulu;
  • Yihu;
  • Phoenix;
  • TK;
  • RedPanda.

Phoenix lost 3 times in the last 4 games. They are inconsistent and are now the second worst team in the league. So it's only natural to expect them to slip in another series against Aries. Phoenix Gaming present the following names as their members

  • YP;
  • Lww;
  • CDR;
  • Zone-;
  • Shining.

Aries vs Phoenix  match prediction

Analysts agree, Phoenix are the underdogs. The odds show us a similar picture. 

  • Aster win — 1.19;
  • Phoenix win — 4.45;
  • Map total > 2.5 — 2.4;
  • Map total < 2.5 — 1.53.