DPC EEU is finally back after a long pause and the opening match from Division 1 will feature NAVI and HellRaisers. Team forms and betting tips are here to glance at.

HellRaisers had a rough period before the start of the season. The club has been frozen for the time being and the players themselves had to move to Serbia amidst the crisis in Ukraine. As of now, HR has been recreated in order to participate in the even, but it is unclear if the roster itself is ready to show their best. HellRaisers compete with the following roster: 

  • watson;,.';
  • re1bl;
  • Время в никуда;
  • Gilgir;
  • Malady.

NAVI have not played the game since the beginning of February. According to numerous team vlogs, some of the players barely played the game these last two months. Furthermore, just days before the start of the event it has been announced that the team decided to change their supports: Ilya "ALOHADANCE" Korobrin has been removed from the starting roster, and it is now swedenstrong that will play with laise in the hard lane. NAVI are the following 5: 

  • V tune;
  • No[o]ne;
  • laise;
  • swedenstrong;
  • Solo.

NAVI vs HellRaisers prediction

Experts give their priority to HellRaisers. The club had to go through a lot, but the Dota 2 roster stayed intact and hopefully they've had enough practice meanwhile. The odds are as follows: 

  • HellRaisers win —  1.38;
  • NAVI win — 2.80;
  • Map Total — 2.03;
  • Map Total — 1.73․