DPC EEU lower bracket matchday starts with Team Spirit vs HellRaisers. Pre-match stats and betting tips are here for you to explore.

Team Spirit had a surprise loss in the opening day against BBT, who are now waiting for their next opponent in the upper bracket finals. It is understandable, as teams had little practice before DPC EEU finally kicked its second season off. Today, Team Spirit will hopefully demonstrate the best of their abilities in competitive Dota 2 and thus will carry on the fight for top placement. Otherwise we'll see the TI10 champs fall down to the lower division. Spirit compete with these guys in the roster:

  • Yatoro;
  • collapse;
  • Mira;
  • Miposhka.

HellRaisers could not dodge opening day troubles too. They've lost to NAVI with the score of 0:2 and will look to improve things from the round 1 of the lower bracket. Even though they are the underdogs against Team Spirit, they'll surely try to show their performance to avoid relegation. Plus, unlike the other disciplines of the club, Dota 2 team remains the same in the lineup:

  • watson;
  • re1bl;
  • Время в никуда;
  • Gilgir;
  • Malady.

Team Spirit vs HellRaisers Betting Tips

Bookmakers have chosen Team Spirit as the favorite of the match. The teams are getting used to competition after a long break. Spirit are not going to give up just within the first 2 matches of DPC Season 2. It will be interesting to see what HellRaisers can do to stop the defending TI champions in 2  maps of best-of-3-series. Time to glance at the main odds for the match:

  • Spirit win —  1.21;
  • HellRaisers win — 4.19;
  • Map Total — 2.33;
  • Map Total — 1.56․