DPC EEU upper bracket match for April 29th features the clash of Outsiders (Virtus.pro) and Mind Games. We've brought the previous match history and prediction to bet on.

Starting with Outsiders, the team had a lucky 2:1 victory against CIS Rejects. At first, both teams performed equally, but the 52-minute-long first map ended in favor of CISR. Outsiders did not give up and showed better teamplay in the next 2 rounds and took the victory. Coming to this match against Mind Games, their roster is unchanged:

  • Yamich;
  • DM;
  • gpk;
  • Xakoda;
  • Pure.

Mind Games had a similar run doing a comeback after a devastating first map against PuckChamp: 24:4 score after the opening 27 minutes. But the team morale was fixed later on, and Mind Games went into their own swag of catching the opponents in unexpected ways. Mind Games have the following lineup for today:Β 

  • Dinozavrik;
  • Ainkrad;
  • Petushara;
  • Bignum;
  • Slayer.

Outsiders vs Mind Games Prediction

Experts have made it clear: even though Mind Games are able to make spectacular comebacks, Outsiders will be on a higher level today. Thus, ex-V.Pro are the favorites of the match. Finally, let's have a look at how the odds are stacked:

  • Outsiders win β€” Β 1.26;
  • Mind Games win β€” 3.68;
  • Map Total β€” 2.23;
  • Map Total β€” 1.61β€€