DPC WEU Division 2 with the match between Chicken Fighters and Chillax.  Betting tips and team forms are presented below.

 Chicken Fighters are competing with the motivation to be promoted to the upper division of the tournament. So do their opponents Chillax, which means that none of the teams is going to give up easily. Chicken Fighters are competing with the following five registered against Chillax:

  • Era;
  • 5up;
  • Supream^;
  • Xibbe;
  • Koma`.

Chillax have worse stats than Fighters recently, and they had 2 victories in the last 5 matches. However, if we take into account the previous matches between these teams, 2 out of 2 went in favor of Chicken Fighters and this boosts the confidence of the opponent. Chillax will try to stop Fighters with the following lineup: 

  • Maybe Next Time;
  • MTD;
  • OwnedMe;
  • lil pleb;
  • Lodine.

Chicken Fighters vs Chillax betting tips

Experts give their priority to Supream's team, so Chicken Fighters are the favorites in the match against Chillax. On the other hand, the difference in over and under odds is not that huge, which means that the victory could be either clean, or the teams might need to use all of the best-of-3 maps. Here are the precise odds:

  • Chicken Fighters — 1․58;
  • Chillax — 2․31;
  • Map Total > 2.5 — 1․97;
  • Map Total <2.5 — 1․78․