DPC WEU Tour 2, featuring Nigma Galaxy and Tundra Esports, kicks off on March 29. Down here you can find pre-match stats and betting tips.

Fans should not expect much from NGX these days. They have barely had success in recent 2 weeks, losing to OG, Tundra and BOOM. Still, it is Nigma we're talking about, and that team has proven last season that they can bounce back from any position. However, it is important to know that Nigma's players got their positive COVID-19 tests just last week, so the sickness may still affect them. Here is Nigma Galaxy's roster for today:

  • MinD_ContRoL;
  • KuroKy;
  • Miracle-;
  • iLTW;
  • GH.

Tundra Esports are fit when it comes to DPC. They have only lost to BOOM once at the start of the month outside of DPC, but the other matchups against Entity and Secret have been positive. Tundra are competing with these players in line:

  • Sneyking;
  • 33;
  • skiter;
  • Nine;
  • Saksa.

NGX vs Tundra betting tips

Experts give their priority to Tundra. They had better results overall during the tournament, so NGX need to work hard in order to be the better side. Next, have a look at the odds:

  • Tundra Esports Win — 1.4;
  • NGX Win — 2.86;
  • Map Total >2.5  — 2.06;
  • Map Total <2.5 — 1.71.