The last match of the day from DPC WEU takes place between OG and Brame. Hereby you can find more on roster updates and match prediction.

OG had 4 wins out of 5 games this season. However, the young roster still has a lot to improve, which makes them even scarier opponent. Now, they're the best team in the current season, and they sure are looking to stay on top, since this time they are actually fighting for the major slots. OG are competing with the following athletes on their side:

  • Misha;
  • ATF;
  • bzm;
  • Yuragi;
  • Taiga.

The road is not perfect for Brame this year. They had three losses in the starting rounds of the DPC, but later on managed to bounce back with two wins — against struggling Nigma Galaxy and, surprisingly, against Team Secret. Still, the roster seems to be looking for their place in the current meta, so they do aprroach this game with the underdog satus. Brame have these members on the lineup today: 

  • dEsire;
  • Focus;
  • ThuG;
  • SsaSpartan;
  • SkyLark.

OG vs Brame match prediction

OG are the obvious favorites. Yes, they are still not an experienced roster that we'd expect to win every single game, but Brame should be an easier obstacle at this stage of the tournament. Finally, let's have a look at the odds:

  • OG win —1.18;
  • Brame win — 4.61;
  • Map total > 2.5 — 2.43;
  • Map total < 2.5 — 1.52.