DPC Western Europe Regional finals showcase the next clash with Team Liquid facing OG. With the cancellation of the major, both teams will try to advance to later stages and earn more DPC points as they all are in a top form this season. The match is scheduled for February 11th, 13:00 UTC.

Team Liquid

The group stage of the latest DPC season has been the most successful for Team Liquid. They have updated their roster and it looks very impressive, even with a few matches that would hardly cement team synergy. When OG and Team Liquid previously met, the former took the victory with a result of 2:1. Taking their time and playing on all the 3 maps becomes a habit for Team Liquid. That's what they did in their last four matches. Now let's look at which Liquid players will face OG in today’s Regional Finals:

  • iNSaNiA;

  • zai;

  • miCKe;

  • Boxi;



The team was able to end the group stage in 3rd place, even though the start was phenomenal for them. Of course, there is a lack of stability in younger players of the team, but that will surely improve soon, as the talent's definitely there. On the other hand, nobody expects them to have a clean victory over Liquid. OG will start the match with the following members:

  • Misha;

  • ATF;

  • bzm;

  • Yuragi;

  • Taiga.

Team Liquid vs OG winning odds

Bookmakers give a slight advantage to Liquid. This is a result of more stable play. Besides, previous records show that Liquid feel somewhat confident going into the match against OG. However, Misha can try to surprise their opponents now, being familiar with them. For more detailed comparison, here are the exact odds:

  • Winner: Team Liquid β€” 1,75;

  • Winner: OG β€” 2,03;

  • Map total: >2.5 β€” 1,81;

  • Map total: <2.5 β€” Β 1,93β€€