Dubai Invitational 2022 playoffs gradually conclude and the results are here. OG suffered a defeat from Nigma Galaxy. They were simply not in the best form, however the chosen composition was decent. Now OG are to play Team Spirit and will decide who goes through from their bracket.

Tundra Esports managed to come back after being down 0:1, claiming the victory in the third map of the best-of-3 series. The most effective heroes in Tundra's pick were Chaos Knight, Gyrocopter and Templar Assassin.

For March 5 we will have Team Secret vs BOOM Esports, while on the other bracket Tundra will meet Nigma Galaxy. March 6, Sunday will be the final day of the Invitational.

Dubai Invitational 2022 Tundra defeats BOOM Esports OG loses to Nigma