The International 11's next playoff bracket match takes place between EG and TA. Here are the odds and the roster updates for the event: 

Pretty interesting win streak of EG has made them one of the favorites of top 3 placement. They never kneeled in the group stage: not even draws. EG's main 5 are in the best possible shape and there are more interesting encounters in front. Here is the roster preparing for the match against TA. 

  • Cr1t;
  • Fly;
  • Arteezy;
  • Abed;
  • Nightfall.

The underdogs of the clash managed to grab only 1 victory in the group stage. They survived thanks to numerous draws. What is more, they avoided losses against beastcoast, TSM, Aster and Tundra. TA's main 5 are:

  • Faith_Bian;
  • Ame;
  • y`;
  • XinQ;
  • NothingToSay. 

EG vs Thunder Awaken winning odds — The International 11 playoffs

Teams met 8 times in the past. EG had  7 wins and 1 match ended in a draw. EG are the clean favorites of the event, as TA never managed to defeat the NA roster. Analysts at Pinnacle have also presented the odds for the event:

Please note that the odds may change in real time.