DPC WEU advances with another encounter of Team Secret and Team Entity, which is actually a tie break of the 4th placement in the final week of the tournament. Let's see what the match details and winning odds are. 

Team Entity are in a poor form. Just 2 wins were claimed in the last 5 matches. Still, they might be able to defeat Secret, as they did in April. The following 5 will try to defeat Secret today again:

  • Stormstormer;

  • fishman;

  • Pure;

  • Tobi;

  • Kataomi`.

Secret had 3 wins in the last 5 matches. Their results show that the end of tour 3 is quite positive. They only fell to Tundra and Entity. Players competing today are: 

  • Puppey;

  • Zayac;

  • Crystalis;

  • Nisha;

  • Iceiceice.

Entity vs Team Secret winning odds

Team Secret is the favorite of this matchup, as per analysts. Entity and Secret went head to head twice this year. During April, the winner was Secret, while in June Entity had their revenge. However, it is clear that Secret are simply a bigger team that will surely be looking to qualify for The International 11. Last year, they were among the favorites to win the biggest event of the year, and now they need this 4th place finish to keep their chances to earn a slot at TI11. To understand the situation better, let's have a look at the odds, provided by pinnacle.com

  • Team Secret win — 1.63;

  • Entity win — 2.30;

  • Map total > 2.5 — 2.10;

  • Map total < 2..5 — 1․68․

Note that the odds may change after the publication.