ESL One Malaysia 2022 is here to present us the battle of 12 teams, aiming to win the biggest portion of $400,000 prize cash. The tournament features 2 phases of competition. Group Stage of best-of-2 matches, and playoffs in best-of-3 with a grand-final game with up to 5 maps. Time to see which teams have the best chances to claim top spots.

Team Secret — 6․00

Secret are one of the teams that will most likely make it to the playoffs with their new updated roster. Roman "Resolut1on" Fominok has replaced Daryl "iceiceice" Koh back in Riyadh Masters, and made the team look scary again. The team missed the opportunity to play at the PGL Arlington Major due to their poor performance within the DPC season. However, now we have a completely new Secret on our hands. And surely they have a surprise factor on their side, as most of their opponents have almost no info about their new strategies coming into this event. They are the third best, according to analysts.

OG — 4․75

OG's young roster has had enough of (involuntary) practice along with veteran Sebastien "Ceb" Debs due to Mikhail "Misha" Agatov's troubles with getting visas. Even though they did not manage to win the second major in a row, they still looked solid. This time Ceb won't be there to help the team, and it's Eugeniy "Chuvash" Makarov who's going to be standing-in for OG. Despite that, without the presence of PSG.LGD and Team Spirit, they are the second favorite to win ESL ONE Malaysia tournament. 

Team Aster — 4․00

Aster have been lethal for plenty of top-tier teams inside and outside their region. However, the semifinals at the PGL Major Stockholm were a bit unlucky for them against Spirit. Thankfully for the fans, Spirit do not play in this tournament, and Aster will most likely take the crown at last in Malaysia. Or, at least, will be the main favorite to do so, according to the bookmakers. Below you can see the extended view of the odds:


  • Team Aster — 4.00;
  • OG — 4.75;
  • Team Secret — 6․00;
  • Nigma Galaxy — 7․00;
  • BOOM Esports — 8.40;
  • TSM — 9․00;
  • Entity Gaming — 10․00;
  • Fnatic — 13․00;
  • Team Liquid — 15․00;
  • Talon Esports — 25․00;
  • The Alliance — 50․00;
  • Thunder Awaken — 55․00․ 

The odds are presented by Note that the numbers may change throughout the competition.