Fnatic and BOOM will play at ESL One Malaysia tournament, which is the next step in competitive Dota 2 for tier-1 teams after the Arlington major. Read along for match prediction and pre-match stats of both teams.

Fnatic ended their Arlington Major 2022 run, placing 9-12th and not scoring any points. However, it is unclear if the team could be considered Fnatic at all, as they had to go for 3 stand-ins from TSM FTX due to multiple visa issues. The team almost missed on their chance to qualify for the major, but later on Valve recounted the points and got the SEA team an invite. Later on Fnatic competed at Gamer's Galaxy 2022 Thailand, but were not able to secure a top spot after getting their five-man roster back together. Now, they'll have to play with a stand-in once again, as Marc "Raven" Fausto will skip the even as he got COVID-19. The team had 1 win and 3 defeats. Fnatic play with their usual roster:

  • DJ;
  • Palos;
  • Jabz;
  • Armel;
  • Jaunuel.

BOOM are back from winning Gamers Galaxy 2022 tournament, and they are hungry for more titles. They are the pride and biggest hope of SEA region coming into the later stages of the season, and Malaysia event is surely needed for them to adjust their playstyle to match not only their fellow teams from the region, but also European and Chinese opponents. Early elimination at Arlington Major has made the SEA team make some adjustments to their playstyle, but they will face Fnatic in this roster:  

  • Tims;
  • skem;
  • Fbz;
  • JaCkky;
  • Yopaj.

Fnatic vs BOOM prediction

The bookmakers from pinnacle.com believe that BOOM have better form. Last time Fnatic were the favorites, but that was before the end of the Thailand tournament. Fnatic keep losing to tier 2 teams which means that they are not ready to stop BOOM. The odds, accordingly are these:

Note that the odds may change in real time.