Hokori and FNC will meet in BTS SEA S12. This is the lower bracket semifinals and the loser will leave the competition. . Here you can find the details of the upcoming clash, along with some betting tips.

Hokori were better than TnC in the lower bracket 2 days ago. Before that the roster lost to Lilgun and SMG. The team had 3 wins in this season. Hokori's lineup for today is unchanged:

  • Thiolicor;
  • Gardick;
  • Vitaly;
  • Lumiere;
  • 4nalog.

Fnatic had 1 victory in the last 5 encounters. Their picks were effective against Neon, but never against Execration. The other 3 matches ended in a draw. The same lineup is responsible for today's encounter.

  • Armel;
  • Jaunuel;
  • jabz;
  • DJ;
  • Raven.

Fnatic vs Hokori winning odds 

Teams met once already when the format was in best-of-2. The encounter ended in a draw. .Teams showed equal competition. Fnatic were better in the red side of the map, while Hokori showed better result as blues. Finally, the odds presented by Pinnacle state that Fnatic are the favorites.

  • FNC win — 1.38;
  • Hokori win — 3.07;
  • Map total >2.5 — 2․19;
  • Map total < 2.5 — 1․63․

Please note that odds may change in real time.