Daryl Koh "iceiceice" Pei Xiang was recently moved from Team Secret, before the start of TI Regional Finals. He opened up about the situation and told the fans that he wishes Team Secret would fail in the upcoming events.

Some fans thought this was a joke, but it's never clear if iceiceice is being serious. He mentioned that he is still good friends with Nisha, Puppey and the rest and that he would be also sad when they lose. However, it would also bring him an actual joy at the same time.

He feels okay keeping in touch with his teammates, but the management of the club should have acted better, in iceiceice's opinion. It seemed like he was indeed hurt to be kicked from his favorite team without deteailed explanations.

Secret took third place at ESL One Malaysia 2022. They are also the favorites at TI 11 EU Qualifier, kicking off September 3rd.