Gamers8 Dota 2 tournament's first day concludes with the clash of Liquid and Nigma Galaxy. Read on for more on pre-match stats and betting tips.

Team Liquid's bumpy start did not stop strip them off their favorite status. Ana seems to fit the team pretty well. However, it is unclear if Pudge pick was an experiment or an actual strat to fear for their opponents Team Liquid consist of the following 5:

  • ana;
  • zai;
  • iNsania;
  • miCKe;
  • Boxi.

Nigma Galaxy's run seemed perfect for the past month. The roster did not have any negative result for the last 30 days, and now they'll try to keep the win streak up, coming to a match with stronger opponent. They've also managed to steal a map from RNG in the first round. Nigma's 5 roles are taken by the following names:

  • MinD_ContRoL;
  • KuroKy;
  • Miracle-;
  • iLTW;
  • GH.

Liquid vs Nigma Galaxy betting tips

Experts think that Liquid have more chances to win in both maps,. The main odds at suggest these numbers:

  • Liquid win — 3.10;
  • Nigma Galaxy win — 3.50;
  • Draw — 2․10․ 

Note that the odds may change after the time of post.