Liquid and OG will have their 2nd matches of the Arlington Major's opening day at 19:00 UTC. Read along for more on winning odds and recent results.

OG tends to have mixed results when it plays against Liquid. On a sunny day, they might show a total dominance, closing down the enemy with the score of 2:0, and another time Liquid just seem to merciless and take their revenge. This pattern was visible both in Spring and Summer. Today OG's lineup is:

  • Yuragi;
  • Bzm;
  • ATF;
  • Taiga;
  • Ceb.

Liquid lack the consistency these days. They gave away a lot of matches during the Riyadh Masters $4 million tournament, drawing against NGX and RNG, and also losing to OG and TSM. It is hard to tell if they are back in form, as everyone feels nervous on the opening day of the major. Liquid registered these names for the match against OG:

  • MiCKe;
  • Boxi;
  • iNSaNiA;
  • Blitz.

Liquid vs OG winning odds

Last month teams met twice. OG lost once and won in the other. Many say that Riyadh Masters was just a "party tournament", but in reality analysts claim that Liquid are much weaker in the 5th role. Lastly, the odds from look like this:

  • OG win — 2.65;
  • Liquid win — 4.10;
  • Draw — 2.15․

Note that the odds may change in real time.