DPC EEU Tour 3 is on, and the clash of NAVI and Team Spirit is the next stop. Below you can find match history and betting tips for the matchup.

NAVI had 2 wins before coming to this match. They defeated BB Team, taking their revenge eventually and before that ended the match against PARI PARNI in a clean victory. NAVI's roster is unchanged for the match against Spirit:

  • Solo;
  • V-Tune;
  • Noone;
  • swedenstrong;
  • destroyed.

In the last 5 matches Spirit only won once, but is should be said that Spirit know how to play against NAVI. Besides, there is a great difference in personal talent of the opponents, thus Spirit are expected to win this clash with these players in the lineup:

  • Miposhka;
  • Yatoro;
  • Mira;
  • Collapse.

NAVI vs Spirit betting tip

Spirit are the favorites: in all of the 4 face-to-face encounters Spirit were dominant over the past year. That's why analysts once again give their credit to TI 10 winners. Here is a more detailed look to the odds:

  • Spirit win — 1.3;

  • NAVI win — 3.32;

  • Map total > 2.5 — 2.16;

  • Map total < 2.5 — 1․65․