Dota 2 community is not so toxic when it comes to pro players that represent top esports clubs, but what has been a bad habit for OG player Ammar "ATF" Al Assaf, hits him back like a boomerang.

Recently during a matchmaking he had a quarrel with Albert "alberkaaa" Chernoivavnov. The latter unexpectedly started insulting ATF, starting the raw. The racist insults made ATF confused. The "n"-words did not stop appearing in the Dota 2 chat. ATF tried to calm the opponent down, but could not. Eventually OG player said: "Btw how you like your professional career in Dota after all this?

The match ended in ATF's victory, who later typed in the chat "Learn, Huskar". The whole chat of the controversial match can be inspected at Dotabuff.