Western European DPC proceeds with today's clash of OG and Tundra. We've got some pre-match stats for this interesting matchup, and also a prediction, based on bookmaker odds.

OG, the winners of the latest Dota 2 major, started their tour 3 run with a confident win against Team Secret. They looked dominating in both of the maps. Seems like their form is still on top and they are eager to end another tour with excellent results. The team has the following 5, who will step up against Tundra:

  • Yuragi;
  • ATF;
  • bzm;
  • Taiga;
  • Misha.

Tundra Esports also showed fans and opponents some good Dota 2 throughout the previous tour. Lately they've won against Alliance, who do not stand out with positive results in the last 3 months. Before that Tundra had lost the lower bracket final of the major to OG. It is time to take a revenge. To do so, Tundra will release these names onto the battlefield.

  • Saksa;
  • Sneyking;
  • 33;
  • skiter;
  • Nine.

OG vs Tundra prediction

Throughout past encounters of 2022 Tundra had only one victory against OG. Taking into account the latest clash, analysts pick OG as the favorites this time as well. The odds are shown below:

  • OG win — 1.04;

  • Tundra win — 3.09;

  • Map total > 2.5 — 2.12;

  • Map total < 2.5 — 1․67․