AMD Sapphire Dota 2 goes on, with another match for today β€” Xtreme Gaming against EHOME, starting 13:00 UTC. We have covered team forms and predictions for the result.

Xtreme Gaming had 4 victories in the last 5 matches. This means that the team is stable enough. They've managed to defeat PSG, Aster, Vici Gaming and LBZS during Intel World Open 2022, while also beating RNG within DOTA PIT. Players on Xtreme's side are:

  • old eLeVeN;
  • Eurus;
  • Pyw;
  • 狗听了都摇倴;
  • Dy.

EHOME perform not at their best: 5 victories in the last 10 matches is not a good result, as not many teams are on their best form too. Even though EHOME and Xtreme haven't met previously with these rosters, the underdogs, most assume, are EHOME. And talking about the rosters, here is EHOME's lineup:

  • 7e;
  • Zeal;
  • plAnet;
  • Shiro;
  • zzq.

Xtreme Gaming vs EHOME match prediction

Bookmakers give their priority to Xtreme Gaming: this is because XG are in a better shape lately with more wins than their today's opponents. However, one of the maps can go in favor of EHOME in best-of-3 series.

  • Winner: Xtreme β€” 1.37;
  • Winner: EHOME β€” 3;
  • Map total >2.5 β€” 1.97;
  • Map total <2.5 β€” 1.78.