The battle in TI 11 EEU qualifiers reached to the grand final. Oustiders and BetBoom Team will figure out who is the strongest team in the region, and here we have some last-minute predictions for it. 

Outsiders defeated NAVI yesterday with a score of 2:0 this has boosted the team's confidence and they'll face BBT as the favorites of the match. Outsiders' main roster is:

  • RAMZES666;
  • Yamich;
  • DM;
  • gpk;
  • Xakoda.

BetBoom Team's earlier success against NAVI meant that they are the only team now left in one side of the competition. BBT had 3 wins before that, against Nemiga and One Move. BBT's 5 members are:

  • SoNNeikO;
  • RodjER;
  • Daxak;
  • Noticed;
  • Iarl.

Outsiders vs BB Team prediction

Teams met once this season in July. That time ex-V.Pro were the better side, winning the match with the score of 2:1. The favorites now again are Outsiders. The match is going to be a long one, as it is always a tough time to fight across 5 maps. Therefore odds back SG in this clash:

  • Outsiders win — 1.28;
  • BBT win — 3.75;
  • Map Total > 4.5 — 3.00;
  • Map Total < 4.5 — 1.35․

Note that the odds may change in real time.