Dota 2 Champions League 12 Grand Final features the matchup of Outsiders ( and Gaimin Gladiators today. Details on rosters and betting tips are shown hereby.

Gladiators had 3 wins in the last 5 matchups. They suffered defeats from Team Secret and Entity, but yesterday they came back in against the latter, taking their revenge. GG registered these members for today's match:

  • Ace;
  • BOOM;
  • Seleri;
  • DyrachYO;
  • tOfu. won against Entity, No SORRY and Cybercats across the past week. They have a good form, even though their opponents lately were all mid-tier teams in DCL 12. The team consists of these players today: 

  • RAMZES666;
  • gpK~;
  • DM;
  • yamich;
  • Xakoda.

GG vs Outsiders betting tips

Bookmakers give more credit to Outsiders. But this is the final match of the tournament, so we might see up to 5 maps played. GG do not have the same experience as Outsiders, but they'll not be sitting still with early failures. The odds are as follows:

  • Outsiders Win — 1.52;
  • GG Win — 2.41;
  • Map Total >3.5  — 1.40;
  • Map Total <3.5 — 2.63.

Note that the odds, presented by, may change in real-time.