Massive changes for Dota 2 with the freshest patch 7.32 targeted the unfair play, disabling the Shadow Amulet infinite Fade. This ability gave the hero invisibility till the end of the match, which was a game-breaking feature. Many game-ruiners used it to hide in the plain sight and wait until the game is over, ruining the experience for all the involved parties.Β 

The adjustment now lets the player stay unseen for 15 seconds only. It has no cooldown, which still allows players to use it the old way, but they'll have to manually use it every 15 seconds, which may prevent at least some of them from doing so.

Apart from this, there is a good news regarding the latest added Primal Beast, who will be used in official matchmaking from now on.Β 

Read the details of Dota 2 7.32 patch notes on the official page.