Valve released TI 11-themed cosmetics for the upcoming Dota 2 tournament. The new sticker store is full of cosmetics for the game. Users can stick them to their main character or put it on their profiles. 

There are currently 12 teams available with stickers and 18 more will be added later. The first 12 are the capsules of the teams that qualified to TI11 via getting to the top-12 of the DPC rating. Similar capsules are seen in another title by Valve, CS:GO.

But the most recent bug has made these stickers a bit weird. From September 20 on people notice that even if they do not own the sticker of Artur "Arteezy" Babaev, it is still depicted near everyone's profile in the team.

The capsules can be put on sale after buying it with the Battle Pass. 50% of capsules sales at first time purchase will be added to the prize pool of TI11. 

Player stickers debut in Dota 2 and of course there are bugsSource: