Valve updated Dota 2 to the 7.32 patch on August 24, bringing a lot of changes and introducing new items and creeps to the title. One of the important additions was the appearance of the Primal Beast in Captain's Mode.

As the patch applied, ESL One Malaysia 2022 participant Alliance immediately picked the hero. However, they lost the match against Aster: maybe it was too early to benefit from the Beast in the group stage. Team's new offlanet Limitless had a rough game with a final score of 0/10/3. However, later on hero's winrate got fixed by the same team when w33 played him mid and caused chaos across the whole map.

The buffs to the hero include:

  • Base health increase from 0 to 0.25;
  • The Shard ablitiy Rock Throw emits additional smaller particles (600 fragments in total).
  • Overhauls to the Talent Tree, including Level 10, 15 and 20 specifications.

Read the details of Dota 2 7.32 patch notes on the official page.