Quincy Crew midlaner Quinn "Quinn" Callahan expressed how unsatisfied he is with Valve's ways of communication with the Dota 2 community. During his stream, he shared his passion for the game that deserves way more than it has now, according to Quinn. In the end, he also compared the Dota 2 scene to a group of people trapped in a chamber.

We're just in a freaking chamber. And every once in a while they open up the airlock and a morsel of food, and we all freaking jump to devour this steak, you know. And at the same time there're people in the corner starving. And then there's this one dude in the middle that is morbidly obese, just jacked on freaking ribeyes. And then the airlock closes again, and we're in deafening silence for another two months. And then the airlock opens again, and here come the freaking ribeyes, and Yatoro just gobbles them all down.
Quinn "Quinn" Callahan

This speech was a result of Valve's poor management of the DPC season. There was supposed to be a winter major in the beginning of February, but just a week before the end of the regional leagues the company announced that this event will be canceled. This caused a raging storm in social networks, with several players going as far as suggesting the boycott of the next season. Since then, though, Valve apologized and promised to try and organize the event in the end. So, it seems that it's possible to open the airlock from the other side.