The wait is over for TI 11 main stage, and after the LCQ we're getting to see the first encounter of the group stage. It is RNG vs Liquid. Let's see what are the odds for the match.

Liquid had 4 wins lately, which means that they took LCQ quite seriously and finally qualified for the event. They stomped VG, VP and Xtreme in a clean manner in LCQ knockout stage. Liquid's lineup today is:

  • zai;
  • iNsania;
  • miCKe;
  • Boxi.

RNG also had 4 wins  in the past. The team were better than Xtreme and Aster Aries, but losing to Outsiders in August was something not many expected. RNG's roster is the same today too:

  • Somnus;
  • xNova;
  • CHalice;
  • Ghost;
  • KaKa .

RNG vs Liquid betting tips

Teams met 5 times. RNG could not win in any of them. 3 draws and 2 defeats make it harder for bookmakers to believe in success of the Chinese. As for the odds, Pinnacle has presented these numbers:

  • RNG win — 3.10;
  • Liquid win — 3.50;
  • Draw — 2․50․

Please note that the odds may change in real time.