The group stage of The International 2022 is coming to an end in Singapore. But before the phase's final plays here is another spectacular clash. Secret vs Aster is our next destination, with winning odds and pre-match stats provided below.

Secret's inconsistency in the past DPC season has forged their approach to international appearances. Now they are the favorite for this match, despite having a bit of everything: 2 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss. Secret's lineup is this:

  • crystallis;
  • Nisha;
  • Resolut1on;
  • Zayac;
  • Puppey.

Aster also have similar stats to those of Secret, and it might seem that they are a matching pair. But in reality Aster defeat weaker teams and lose to stable ones. Here is their lineup:

  • Monet;
  • Ori;
  • xxs;
  • BoBoKa;
  • 皮球.

Secret vs Aster winning odds

Previously, the teams played each other at ESL One Malaysia 2022. Drawing in the first match, the latest result was  victory for Aster. Now the draw seems to be the most probable outcome, as per Pinnacle bookmakers. Finally, here are the odds for the matter:

  • Secret win — 3․10;
  • Aster win — 3․75;
  • Draw — 2․61․