DPC WEU tour 3 enters its last weeks with the clash of Secret and Gladiators. To learn more on rosters and betting tips, have a glance below. 

Team Secret are not in their top form during Tour 3. They've had only two victories lately: against Liquid and Alliance. Something's clearly missing after the departure of SumaiL. What is more, just the day before match the team lost yet another player — YapzOr, who had to step down due to health issues. His replacement is Zayac, but Secret are still the favorites today. The lineup now looks like this:

  • Puppey;
  • Zayac;
  • Crystallis;
  • Nisha;
  • Iceiceice.

Gladiators had 2 wins lately. They defeated Alliance and GoonSquad. Matches against OG and Liquid were way harder, thus they were not able to take even a map. Gladiators registered these 5 for today's match:

  • dyrachYO;
  • BOOM;
  • Ace;
  • tOfu;
  • Celeri.

Secret vs Gladiators betting tips

Secret already lost to Gaimin Gladiators previously, thus they would like to take their revenge from the opponent. However, the difference in odds is not that big, which means that it could go either way today. The odds are presented by pinnacle.com:

  • Secret Win — 1.83;
  • Gladiators Win —  2.00;
  • Map Total >2.5  — 2.08;
  • Map Total <2.5 — 1.69.

Note that the odds may change after the time of publication.