Huya Winter Invitational 2021 continues. The next round will feature a match between SMG and Team Aster, who will be competing on December 29, 06:00 UTC. 

Team SMG have had troubles before finally qualifying for the playoffs of Huya Invitational. In the decider match have defeated the Chinese side — Team MagMa, thus they have earned enough points to keep going. However, this was their only victory before the playoffs.

Team Aster managed to earn 3 points before this matchup and they have drawn 3 times and lost once. This way they've arrived to the lower bracket. They have never met on the same stage with Team SMG, so this is going to be a hard guess in terms of the results.

SMG vs Team Aster betting tips

According to experts, both teams will show their fighting spirit, but the slight advantage is given to Team Aster. Anyway, it is safer to say that SMG will steal at least one map during those best of 3 series. Below the main odds of the match are presented.

  • Winner: Team Aster — 1.61;
  • Winner: Team SMG — 2.41;
  • Map Total: >2.5 — 2.04.