The International 11's group stage goes on, with Team Spirit and Tundra Esports playing in group B. Betting tips and recent results are provided below.

Spirit are here after 4 draws and a victory over Entity. The best-of-2 matches give equal chances to competing sides, so there is time to come back from an early defeat. Today Spirit face Tundra with their usual roster:

  • Miposhka;

  • Collapse;

  • Mira;


  • Yatoro.

Tundra, on the other hand had 1 more win  in this group stage. They have been successful against Talon and Secret, however, matches against TSM, Aster and Beastcoast ended in a draw. And here is the lineup for Tundra. 

  • Saksa;

  • Sneyking;

  • 33;

  • skiter;

  • Nine.

Spirit vs Tundra betting tips 

It is hard to neglect the skillfulness and form of Spirit. However, Tundra also stand out with more positive results.  Experts from presented the odds for the event — Spirit are still the favorite in this clash:

  • Spirit win — 2.45;

  • Tundra win — 4.50;

  • Draw — 2.81.

Please note that the odds may change in real time.