Arlington Major playoffs offer the upper bracket match of Spirit and Aster. Here we've previewed match history and rosters of each side.

Entity had a rollercoaster match against BOOM Esports last time. However, they were prepared enough not to lose the focus on the last map and took the victory from the stage, eliminating the SEA giants BOOM. Now they have to deal with Team Aster, which is the point where they do need an additional effort. Entity will play with the following 5:

  • Stormstormer;
  • SabeRLight-;
  • fishman;
  • Tobi;
  • Kataomi`.

Aster were destroyed by TI10 winners the day before and have to be decisive now — do they want an aggressive or a passive playstyle against a team that is ready for both scenarios? Aster might be good in their own region, but hardly on the international stage.  These 5 from the Chinese team will be responsible first of all for tonight's result: 

  • Xxs'
  • BoBoKa;
  • monet;
  • Ori;
  • Siamese.C.

Team Aster vs Entity prediction — 

Teams met once in this tournament, where the result was 2:0 in Aster's favor. Experts from believe  that Aster are the favorites once again. However, Entity have already eliminated 2 great teams from the major, and they  are capable of turning things around. And here are the odds for today's match:

  • Aster win — 1.52;
  • Entity win — 2.57;
  • Map Total >2.5 — 1.79;
  • Map Total <2.5 — 1․95․

Note that the odds may change in real time.