EU-based team No Bounty Hunter skipped two official matches in their Dota Pro Circuit 2021/2022 Division 2 league. The first one apparently was missed due to a "football training" that one of the players had, the reasons for the second missed game are unclear. 

The situation was highlighted by Charlie "CharlieDota" Arat from team Chicken Fighters. This roster was supposed to play against NBH, but never got a chance to see their opponents on the server. According to NBH's players, they've explained the situation to DPC admins, but the latter never responded and actually made Chicken Fighters wait for 50 minutes before giving them their technical win. 

The whole situation caused public discussion about the system of Dota Pro Circuit. No Bounty Hunter got their place in Division 2, but then decided to just not play the games, which leaves us with a question, if the system was properly thought out, since it clearly leaves some of the teams with a lack of motivation by the end of the season.