TI 11 is coming to its end, with the last 4 teams remaining in the competition. The semifinals will declare who advances to the finals, and here is the overview and betting odds on the winner of The International 2022.

Tundra — 2․24

Since the very beginning of TI, Tundra was in the list of the underdogs. No one would think of such a lengthy survival for the roster that showed little of their good form in the past competitive year. Now KuroKy's team is in the semifinals, with more of a hope to take this year's aegis. In fact, their chances of championship are the best, according to the experts.

Secret — 2․28

Taking part in all of "The Internationals" Clement "Puppey" Ivanov has set the goal to be best in Dota 2 this year. Perhaps, he is the definition of the word "solid". In fact, very few esports athletes have the same amount of experience as Puppey, who's been around for a decade and more. Secret takes a lot of inspiration from the veteran. Plus, the rest of the team is in good form, thus they are the second-best as per the analysts.

Team Aster — 6․72

The only team from the Chinese region left in  the competition is Aster. They were expected to leave the event earlier than other 2 giants — PSG.LGD and RNG. But this year the story of The International already took another turn. Aster always manage to close down tough competitions in their favor. That's why they are the third best at TI.

Team Liquid  — 7․84

Finally, the 4th participant, Team Liquid is believed to have the least of the chances to win TI 11. All praise the insane play of MATUMBAMAN. The IGL is also a veteran of the game, who does not make errors under pressure. What is more, the synergy between the players is on its top and everyone tries to do his best. But the current lineup seems weaker than the rest 3 rosters. Therefore, Team Liquid have such a high odd for victory.

Please take note that the odds may change in real time.