TI 11 is closer than ever before. Many analysts try to predict the results of the annual tournament, One of the predictions also belongs to Monte Carlo simulation that has been used by DatDota Statsman Ben "Noxville" Steenhuisen.

The biggest chances for claiming the title belong to the Chinese PSG.LGD. Last year they reached to the final of the event, losing to Team Spirit in a dramatic fashion.

The second favorite is OG. OG's performance at the majors cannot be neglected. They have been stable since 2021, even though were not able to demonstrate their wise tactics at TI10.

Finally, the third-best team, as per the simulation is Team Aster. They had a near-perfect season in their own DPC region. On the other hand, Aster had little success against rosters from other countries but they never stopped fighting for better slots in majors.

It's interesting to note, that Team Spirit were rated 4th best, even though they are the reigning champions of TI.

TI11 favorites are predicted by simulation Spirit are not in top3 of the listSource: Noxville