Tundra vs Entity is the next match in group B of TI 11.  For Tundra this is a chance to cement their placement in the runner-up slot, while Entity try to avoid staying in the bottom 3. Here we have the winning odds and pre-match stats looking at the upcoming clash.

Tundra managed to grab 4 wins throughout the group stage: they were better than Fnatic, Spirit, Secret and Talon. The draw with Thunder Awaken was just an error and Tundra prove that they don't usually lose their focus afterwards. Today they face an off-form team, with these names stepping up:

  • Saksa;
  • Sneyking;
  • 33;
  • skiter;
  • Nine.

Entity's no-victory run should be a reason of worries. The team is now 7-8th in the group with 3 draws and 2 defeats. Earlier in the day they fell to Talon and Secret with the score of 2:0. Things did not go as planned even against teams like TSM, Fnatic and Aster. Another tough task is in front. Tundra are the team they face in the following 5:

  • Stormstormer;
  • fishman;
  • Tobi;
  • Kataomi`;
  • Pure.

Tundra vs Entity winning odds

Teams met 3 times this year. Entity lost 2 and drew once in August. Tundra are way ahead their opponent in this clash. Experts at Pinnacle believe in Tundra's success: they did it twice, and there are all the tools to do it once more. And here are the odds backing that opinion:

  • Tundra win — 2.50;

  • Entity win — 4.10;

  • Draw — 2.55.

Please note that the odds may change in real time.