Dota 2 developers have presented the new qualifier tournament for The International 2022, the biggest event of the year. This extra qualifier will feature 12 teams from all the regions that did not manage to earn their invites via the regular routes and ended up being 2nd or 3rd in their respective regional qualifiers. They will fight for two more places at TI.

This way, the overall number of TI participants reaches 20, instead of 18, as it was in previous years. It is unclear whether this extra qualifier is set to happen on LAN or online, and the dates are to be revealed later as well.

The 20 teams that will get their lucky tickets to TI will then be distributed between two groups and play in a round-robin format, the last two teams of each group will be eliminated, and the rest will get to play in the play-offs. TI is the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year, in 2022 it is set to happen in October. The location and venue are to be announced. The prize pool is going to be built with the help of the community via the battle pass system.