Dota 2 caster Shannon "SUNSfan" Scotten and a number of other esports personalities shared Valve's plans on replacing the cancelled winter major with six online-tournaments for each respective DPC regions. Each of these events will feature the top-4 teams of the DPC season.

It seems that Valve will divide the DPC points and the prizepool of the winter major between each league. Though, it is yet to be officially announced, so there may or may not be changes to the distribution of the awards.

Previously, Valve meant to cancel the major and distribute the points between the rest of the DPC tournaments, but that caused massive debates in the scene. Some players suggested ignoring the next season of DPC so that Valve would have to notice them and start communicating in a more effective way — the major got cancelled just weeks before the end of the leagues, which made the finishing games almost irrelevant.