Dutch Warcraft 3 and Dota 2 player and streamer Grubby spoke on a problem known to many esports athletes and gamers during one of his latest streams. There are many factors that can make players tilted. However, there are a few steps that can help one prevent that.

First and foremost, one should learn to accept things how they are. According to Grubby, most of the time people ask in their heads: "How, why is this possible? Why is this happening?". Which means that they are not letting things go off. It is easier to concentrate on the next steps, when you have stopped overthinking the past that cannot be changed anymore. In Grubby's words, there are people that will always disappoint you, but also there are wonderful people. It is important to move on, though sometimes it seems to be really hard.

Grubby picked up Dota 2 after many successful years in Warcraft. As of now, he's relatively low ranked and is still learning the heroes and mechanics of this very complex game. However, his streams with Dota 2 attracted many viewers that are excited to see the veteran learning the title. Grubby even got a coaching session with 2-times TI champion Sebastian "Ceb" Debs.