Evil Geniuses CS:GO division made an unexpected move recently, launching their Blueprint project, which will features a hybrid 15-man roster made of three different teams. To achieve so, EG had to obtain and combine 2 rosters: Carpe Diem and Party Astronauts as well as their own roster. This will further improve the development of CSGO talents of the region. 

The fact is, the graphic of CS:GO matches in an annual calendar is quite tight: from IEM to ESL, PGL and BLAST. there is a lot to cover. Thus EG will be able to have a couple of CS:GO teams that will be playing at different events.

It is too early to say how things will end up, as this is a new experiment, made to fit the needs of the NA esports club. The full roster now is:

  •  William "⁠RUSH⁠" Wierzba;
  •  Timothy "⁠autimatic⁠" Ta;
  •  Jake "⁠Stewie2K⁠" Yip;
  •  Vincent "⁠Brehze⁠" Cayonte;
  •  Tsvetelin "⁠CeRq⁠" Dimitrov;
  •  Colby "⁠Walco⁠" Walsh;
  •  Jerric "⁠wiz⁠" Jiang;
  •  Jadan "⁠HexT⁠" Postma;
  •  Connor "⁠chop⁠" Sullivan;
  •  Anthony "⁠CLASIA⁠" Kearney;
  •  Jonathan "⁠djay⁠" Dallal;
  •  Jonathan "⁠Jonji⁠" Carey;
  •  Ben "⁠ben1337⁠" Smith;
  •  Josh "⁠PwnAlone⁠" Pigue;
  •  Wesley "⁠viz⁠" Harris.
  •  Tommy "⁠Axed⁠" Ryan (coach);
  •  Joseph "⁠Muenster⁠" Lima (coach).