Rainbow 6 Siege European League has another confrontation starting tonight with the competing sides of Team Secret and Heroic. Follow along for more on roster forms and betting tips.

Secret are still fresh, as they did not face the stronger group of the opponents. They have to make themselves a name in the ongoing tournament. However, the expectations are not high for this team. If they can win against one of the top performers of the league, Heroic, then more people will look at them as favorites in later stages.

  • pacbull;
  • SlebbeN;
  • Gomfi;
  • Keenan;
  • Kendrew.

Heroic are the favorites of the league. They have 4 wins in the last 5 matches, which means that they are occupying the top of the tournament table. Now the task is to take the revenge from earlier loss to Secret, which, they are pretty much able to do at this stage of things. Heroic's roster is: 

  • Sloth;
  • GorgoNa;
  • Grizzly;
  • UUNO;
  • Benjamaster.

Secret vs Heroic betting tips

As mentioned above, Heroic are the favorites. It is just best-of-1 series, so there is no margin for a later comeback. Finally, let's look at the odds to understand the situation better:

  • Heroic win — 1.5.
  • Secret win — 2.42.