Rainbow 6 Siege European League proceeds with the next pair playing in the names of Rogue vs NAVI. We have here all the important pre-match stats along with match prediction.

NAVI were able to defeat MnM lately. They looked quite good against Heroic too. Now the team will try to stop Rogue.

  • Thuunder;
  • Blurr;
  • Secretly;
  • Nathan;
  • Kayak.

Rogue did have 3 wins in a row, which means that they are setting their near-ideal run up. Team BDS, LFO and PWNZ were simply not good enough as Rogue. However, all of those series were close. Rogue compete with these players in line:

  • ripz;
  • LeonGids;
  • Cryn;
  • Deapek;
  • Kantoraketti.

Rogue vs NAVI match prediction

Rogue have simply better history of matches played against mutual opponents than NAVI, so the bookmakers give the advantage to Rogue. The odds of victory are the following:

  • Rogue win — 1.65;
  • NAVI win — 2.11.