Rainbow 6 Invitational tournament, held in Stockholm with a prize pool of $3 million, came to its end yesterday. 

The final match happened between Team Empire and TSM, where the Russian side was defeated within 4 maps of the best-of-5 grand final. Previously, the teams have met at the start of the tournament, where Team Empire took the victory, but the sweetness of the final day revenge surely helped TSM to forget everything that happened during the early stages.

The surprising fact here is that TSM were not included in the 16 teams that qualified for the event. Instead, they joined the rest of the participants from the North American last chance Qualifier. It took them 3 matches to qualify and eventually, take the Hammer.

Team Empire, on the other hand, had already shown outstanding results this season. Previously, they have played in the finals of numerous major tournaments.

Overall, R6S Hammers have been claimed by NA teams 3 times, while EU teams won it once, as well as LATAM rosters.